Bar Juice Butter Mints

Want a hug but need to keep it fresh? Butter Mints vape juice is for you. It’s like a breath of sweet sophistication in every puff as you rest back in the bliss of comforting confectionery (without the sugar crash). The smooth creamy hug of butter with the awakening kisses of mint. It’s happiness in a puff.

Bar Juice Butter Mints 20mg Nic Salt 10 ml E-Liquid is all about sweet nostalgia. It’s a flavour that transports you to loving relations buttering you up with a sweet treat, knowing that they’ll also slip you a fiver before the day is out. It’s a taste of yesteryear with a familiarity of sweet mintyness that makes you butter in their palm.

No one’s on the outside with Butter Mints Vape Bar Liquid. We’re all together in one happy family.

Key benefits & features

  • Do you want your vaping pennies to go further? Say goodbye to expensive disposable vape bars and hello to cost-effective Butter Mints e-liquid. One bottle lasts as long as five bars. It’s like dodging inflation on your nostalgia trip.
  • Indulge in the sweetness of classic confectionery without the sugar downer. Our Butter Mints vape juice has all natural flavourings.
  • Disposables belong in history, butter mints don’t. Use the Butter Mints vape bar liquid as your sustainable vaping option.
  • Enjoy a blissfully smooth hit experience with 20mg nic salt. Satisfy cravings and have a dreamy minty time.


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Purchase this item and get 4 Points - a worth of £0.04

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