Bar Juice Cream Tobacco

You’re a person of style – the sort to subtly bring out a box of the finest cigars and a bottle of port at the end of the occasion. But you want the rich intense and earthy tobacco taste without the now-known nasties, and you want it in the every day. That’s what you get with Cream Tobacco vape juice in your pipe (well, pod). Add in lashings of sweet cream and you’ve got style and substance.

The classics take a lot to beat, but with the perfect blend of tobacco leaf notes and enveloping sweet cream, we’ve done that with our Bar Juice Cream Tobacco 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid.

Be a person of style and substance in every moment of every day with the Tobacco Cream Vape Bar Liquid.

Key benefits & features

  • The finest cigars cost a pretty packet and the Tobacco Cream disposable does too. Choose the cost-effective 10ml bottle of Tobacco Cream e-liquid as a pod refill. You’ll get 5000 puffs instead of a mere 600.
  • Our Tobacco Cream vape juice tastes so sublime thanks only to natural flavourings.
  • The classic Tobacco Cream disposable ends up in landfill. Lower your carbon footprint with a more sustainable Tobacco Cream e-liquid.
  • The 20mg Tobacco Cream nic salt brings you the tobacco taste you love while managing your cravings and gives you a smooth nicotine hit.


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Purchase this item and get 4 Points - a worth of £0.04

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