Bar Juice Pink Bubba

Dive into the luscious world of Pink Bubba vape juice, a flavour that swirls you into the sweet days of strawberry bubbles of happiness. It’s like a pop of a strawberry bubble in every puff, an aromatic explosion that turns your vape into a cloud paradise. It’s not just bubbles; it’s a fragrant fog, just as delightful.

When you load your vape kit with Bar Juice Pink Bubba 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid, get ready for an explosion of strawberry sweetness that rivals the iconic bubblegum without the jaw power. Elevate your vaping escapade with Pink Bubba Vape Bar Liquid, and chill in a pink haze of delight.

With Pink Bubba Vape Bar Liquid it’s not just bubbles; it’s a strawberry sweet snuggle that you’ll happily get lost in.

Key benefits & features

  • Indulge without the expense and immerse yourself in a cost-effectivestrawberry haven, as one 10ml bottle of Pink Bubba e-liquid equals the joy of 5 disposable vape bars. Fill up your pod and dive into a strawberry bubble-wonder!
  • Relish the authentic taste with Pink Bubba vape juice’s natural flavourings, ensuring a consistently fruity delight with every puff.
  • Make the eco-friendly choice with Pink Bubba vape bar liquid, bid farewell to disposables, and embrace a lower carbon footprint option for a more sustainable vaping experience.
  • Enjoy a blissfully strawberry experience with 20mg nic salt, where smooth hits satisfy cravings.


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Purchase this item and get 4 Points - a worth of £0.04

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